Plastic packaging Case 170/48H132 from the Procase series with internal dimensions of 460 x 325 x 120 mm.

The case presents itself with a resistent polypropylene body, metal hinge and foldable double handle for space optimization. It's caracterized by a wide range of possibilities of internal customization (with custom cut foam) as well as external (with customized labels).  

Over 50 years experience in developing plastic solutions for transporting, organizing and protecting our customers equipment. Vast selection of innovative products for packaging of great design; always paying attention to the environmental impact and constantly investing in materials and technologies for a green and eco-friendly production cycle.


Available in grey color with black clips as standard.

Clips are available in different colors upon request.

External dimensions: 482 x 375 x 132 mm / 18.98 x 14.74 x 5.2 inch
Internal dimensions: 460 x 325 x 120 mm / 18.11 x 12.79 x 4.72 inch
Cover depth - bottom: 60 + 60 mm / 2.36 + 2.36 inch
Material: polypropylene.
Weight: 1,580 Kg
Qty available:14 SKU:170/48H132-F
Pro Case - 170/48H132 - Internal Dimensions: 460 x 325 x 120 mm.

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