ABS High Impact Resistant Cases

ABS Roadcases are our most durable "lighter weight" case style!
If your in the entertainment industry where life on the road is the "norm" then a ABS Laminated Roadcases is what you need. We laminate 1mm high impact ABS onto either 6mm European Poplar plywood for our light weight cases where weight is a concern or 9mm plywood for cases that need to handle the most abusive situations. The beauty about using ABS & Plywood unlike a Hexbord Style Roadcase is being able to glue the panels together in the first stage of construction. This makes the case that much more durable.
Because we laminate most of our ABS & Plywood in house, you can choose from a range of colors to reflect you or your companies style.
From Truck Pack Trunks & 19" Racks, to cases for display units & everything in-between. 
If you can't find the case your looking for, Or need a custom case built! Contact Us to discuss your requirements. There is nothing we can't case-up.
High Impact Cases