What Case-Style is right for me?

Budget & usability is crucial & dependent on your industry! If you need help deciding what might be the right "Case-Style" for you, get in contact with us and we can help you decided.
We offer a range of case styles for these reasons, from custom made Road or Flight cases, to Pelican Style plastic cases with customized fit-outs or foam inserts, you can find more information on which would be suitable for your needs below.
4U RackKiwicase
Plywood Packer CaseCamera Lens CaseFoam Inserts

Pro-Touring Roadcases:

 Our ABS range of cases, also know as "Livesound" or "Pro-Touring" Cases stemmed from our roots as a case manufacturing business. When Livesound started back in the 80's this was because we needed something to protect expensive audio equipment & handle the abuse of touring around New Zealand. Our construction methods for our ABS cases are fixed & glued prior to riveting. Our heavy duty aluminum angle extrusion (also manufactured in New Zealand) helps to pull the case together to give unrepresented strength. Combine all this together and you have the strongest construction method available to creating the most hardest wearing case on the market.
Motor Case


This style of case is a great all-rounder. Heavy duty, whilst being "friendly to the pocket"  Hexaboard cases are strong, simple & above all, faster to manufacture which means cost savings to the end user! Even though our Hexaboard Cases are hard-wearing, due to the the fact this material has phenolic resin impregnated on both sides, its impossible to Glue it together. Industries where this style of case are well-suited to are Houses Of Worship, Theater, & Semi-Industrial to name a few.

Phenolic plywood is fantastic to resisting lineal abuse across the material, which is suitable for low-impact situations. Unfortunately, in the areas where this strength lies, it is not so-good for shock absorption or heavy abuse situations, this is when we would recommend our ABS Laminate Cases.
Hexboard Roadcase

Rigidized Aluminium Cases:

Some of the most "Sexy-looking" cases are manufactured from 1.6mm rigidized aluminium or 1mm aluminium laminated to 6mm Euro Poplar Plywood for a light-weight option. Generally used in the Broadcast, Film & Photography industries, these cases always look the part. Easy to keep clean and by using our Glue & Nail construction method for our light weight version, will handle years of abuse!
Camera Case

Plywood Packer Cases:

Plywood Packers are a great option when you need a budget orientated case for storing & transporting expensive or delicate items & "chucking it in" a cardboard box isn't quite what you require.
We use either 9mm, 12mm or 18mm plywood for strength and durability, along with a 12mm "bumper" top and bottom as standard. Plywood packers are usually painted in Duratex paint if you want something tidey, or, when you just need to get that item from point A to point B, an unfinished plywood box is the cheapest and easiest option.
Other standard features are handle cut-outs, 270° folding lids on 595mm or taller cases for 360° access.
Plywood Case

IP Rated Plastic Molded Cases:

Plastic cases like Pelican or Nanuk are probably the most diverse & hard-wearing case conceivable! With some-what standard sizes along with the material & construction methods used to manufacture these cases, they can be used & abused beyond belief! Cases like this are more than happy protecting your expensive equipment from mountain peaks, to the Sahara Desert, the Antarctic, or just storing it on the shelf for the next mission or job.
On top for supplying a vast range of brands from Pelican, Nanuk, SKB, Explorer Cases & Tsunami, We also offer custom fit-outs & foam inserts depending on you & your equipment's requirements.
 Pelican Case Fit-out