The Livesound Story.

Livesound Ltd:

Livesound started life in 1979 as an audio equipment rental business. 
Back then, you couldn't just buy a roadcase to transport your audio equipment around, So John Carter started building his own for the Livesound rental business.
Over time, Livesound has evolved into New Zealand's premium roadcase manufacture and importer of high quality audio products.


Livesound Roadcases - The Hardest Wearing Roadcases Around: 

When we first began transporting audio equipment around New Zealand one of the major problems we faced was a lack of good quality casing to protect it. Employing a healthy dose of Kiwi ingenuity, we decided to make our own. That was back in 1981, and to this day we continue to manufacture the most reliable, hard wearing road cases in the country.
Our experience has enabled us to move into other areas and we now custom make cases for a huge range of industries and equipment. From medical equipment to materials for the armed forces to secure cases used by banks, if it needs protecting in transit then we can give it a case.