Rubber Cable Feedthrough Dish

160mm x 160mm / 6.3" x 6.3"

You can pass cabling that is stored inside the case coiled or on a spool through the rubber moulded flaps to hold it in place and prevent it from retreating back inside the case. With this dish, there’s no longer a need to take the cabling out or open the lid to unwind.

Simply make the incisions you need along the pre-scored indentations to create one or several openings. Can be used as a single dish or as opposing pairs to create a larger space that can be reached into.

Part No. D053510CMZ
Finish Zinc
Description Recessed Rubber Cable Feedthrough Dish
Qty available:9 SKU:D053510CMZ
Penn Elcom - D053510CMZ - Rubber Cable Feed Through Dish.

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