1520PF Special Application Panel Frame for 1520 Protector Case.

Many Pelican? cases can be adapted for use with electronic interface panels by using a Panel Frame (Pelican? Protector Case?) or Bezel Kit (Pelican? Storm Case?) accessory. Mount most interface panels (customer supplied) flush with the rim of the Pelican? Protector Case? or desired area in a Pelican? Storm Case?, and your technology is ready to go.

A polymer o-ring seals the panel so the base of the case remains watertight, even with the lid open. The mounting bracket, fasteners and o-ring are included in the Panel Frame Kit.

Kit includes:

1 panel frame
1 o-ring
16 inserts
4 self-tapping screws

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Pelican Cases - PE1520PFM - Panel Frame Kit For 1520

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