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Watertight case to transport and protect fragile and valuable objects.

Max Cases are our watertight line, which was created to offer superior protection from the elements, water, dust and impacts when transporting fragile and valuable objects. IP67, ATA300 and military certifications make these cases suitable for a wide range of applications such as marine, photography & broadcasting, scuba diving, outdoor sports, medical, military, special corps, industrial packaging and even the manufacturing industry.


External dimensions 816 x 540 x 306 mm
Internal dimensions 750 x 480 x 280 mm
Cover depth - bottom 60 + 220 mm
Weight 10.2 Kg
Capacity 100.80 Lt
Temperatures -30 / 90?C ?C ((-22 / 194?F) ?F)


Qty available:1 SKU:MAX750H280-E
MAX Cases - MAX750H280 - Internal dimensions: 750 x 480 x 280 mm

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