From 48" to 55" Screen Case

Livesound's TV and Screen Cases are ergonomically designed to make life easy getting your TV or Display Screen out of the case.
A 1/2 way or 1/3rd way split (depending on the size screen) ensures you don't have to reach deep down into the case and awkwardly try lift the screen out.
Lighter than any other screen case on the market &
custom fit-out for your specific TV or Screen using strategically placed foam blocks means that not only you aren't paying for a whole heap of foam that you don't need, but we can easily re-fit your cases when you upgrade your Screens.

Suitable for One or Two Screens.
Case Features:
  • Constructed from 9mm Luan Ply Laminated with 1mm ABS Sheet.
  • 35mm x 35mm Angle Livesound aluminium edge extrusion and Livesound Lid mating extrusion. 
  • Penn Elcom Hardware.
  • 1/2 way split for easy unloading of TV.
  • Truckpack widths.
  • 18mm Plywood wheel dollies painted in Duratex paint and 100mm castors.

Case Options:

Proudly Made In New Zealand.

Qty available:-1 SKU:LSSC50-S
Livesound - LSSC50 - 48"to 55" Screen Case

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