5U Lightweight Flyrack

Livesounds Flyracks are built using the same construction methods as our 19" racks but on one serious weight-loss program. All panels are completely machined out for exceptional airflow and to be super light-weight but yet extremely strong.

Also available with Pelican 1637 with foam fit out to suit - LSFR05U-KIT
Depth 380mm
Rackrail to Rackrail Depth 340mm
Weight 2.2KG
Weight with Pelican 1637 ~10.4kg

  • Full Body Flyrack - Full panels with hand channels on sides for lifting.
  • Solid Top Flyrack - Solid top With Skeleton Body.
  • Skeleton FlyRack - All panels full machined out full ultra light weight.

Case Features:
  • Constructed from 6mm Euro Poplar Ply Laminated with 1mm ABS Sheet.
  • 30mm x 30mm Angle Livesound aluminium edge extrusion and Livesound Lid mating extrusion. 
  • Penn Elcom Hardware.

Proudly Made In New Zealand.

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Livesound - LSFR05U - 5U Lightweight Flyrack

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