Chauvet Geyser P5 Case for 2 x P5's.

 Dual Chauvet Geyser P5 case with storage compartment for cables & remotes.


External Dimensions:
Width 565mm
Depth 462mm
Height 430mm
Weight (Empty) 9.5kg

 Case Features:

  • Constructed from 9mm Luan Ply Laminated with 1mm ABS Sheet.
  • 35mm x 35mm Angle Livesound aluminium edge extrusion and Livesound Lid mating extrusion. 
  • Penn Elcom Hardware.
  • Hinged Lid.
  • Centre Storage Compartment for cables etc.

Case Options:

Proudly Made In New Zealand.

Qty available:0 SKU:LS-GYSP5
Livesound - LS-GYSP5 - Chauvet Geyser P5 Case.

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