Remove-able Storage Tray

Storage trays designed to sit on-top of divider runners

Can be inserted both ways to either be removed from the front of the case or when using two, either end in a 1200 wide case.


Internal Dimensions: External Dimensions:
Width 516mm 540mm
Depth 516mm 540mm
Height 153mm 165mm
Including Skids
N/A 189mm
Tray Features:
  • Constructed from 12mm plywood..
  • Finished in Duratex paint.
  • 12mm Skids to locate trays in case and on top of each other when out of the case.

Tray Options:

  • Custom Foam Inserts.

Proudly Made In New Zealand.

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Kiwicase - KCT - Remove-able Storage Tray

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