Small waterproof cases for sensitive devices. Available in three colors, black, olive drab and orange. Sealing o-ring, manual purge valve. Optional shoulder strap.

- Made of Copolymer Polypropylene compound
- Waterproof, resistant to chemicals, humidity, dust
- Resistant to harsh temperatures (-33°C / +90°C)
- Jam-free purge valve and latches
- Recommended for professional applications
- 100% made in Italy: Italian design and proven functionality
- First to achieve the new military standard qualifications
- Recognized as the most versatile case to customize
- Widest choice of accessories to customize your experience
- Incorporate a number of patented innovations

Internal Dimension:

Length 190mm
Width 125mm
Depth 85mm
Lid 20mm
Base 65mm


External Dimension:

Length 216mm
Width 180mm
Depth 102mm


Other Data:

Weight Empty 0.70kg
Weight With Foam 0.80kg
Volume 2 Ltr
Buoyancy 1.40kg/Max
Operating Temperature °C Min -33/Max +90


Qty available:2 SKU:1908.B
Explorer Cases - 1908 - Internal Dimensions: 190 x 125 x 85 mm.

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