LODESTAR 1/2 TON MOTOR CASE - Carpet Covered

Our motor cases are designed with ease of loading and unloading in mind.
Secure location and support for the motor with separate storage for chain, chain bags and power cable.
This makes life easy for running out the chain and unloading and loading of motor with no snagging of the chain bag .

External Dimensions:
Width 595mm
Depth 595mm
Height mm
Height Inc Wheels mm

Case Features:
  • Constructed from 12mm Ply covered in Penn Elcom Carpet.
  • Penn Elcom Hardware.
  • Liftoff Lid.
  • Motor Compartment.
  • 3 Way Storage Compartments.
  • Stacking Wheel Dishes
  • 250kg Penn Elcom 100mm Castors.

Case Options:

  • Label Dishes.
  • Braked Castors.

Proudly Made In New Zealand.

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Livesound - CMCLHT - CM Lodestar 1/2 Ton Motor Case - Carpet Covered

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