In our construction methods we utilize the finest materials that offer the best protection, strength and durability.
Keeping freight costs in mind for the traveling musician we've designed these pedalboards using lightweight material without compromising strength.

Pedal Board Specifications:

Model Number:
Pedal Board Size: Pedal Board Style:
550mm x 340mm Flat
650mm x 340mm Flat
750mm x 340mm Flat
LS-PB-2T-M Tier 1 - 650mm x 280mm
Tier 2 - 650mm x 200mm
Total Depth - 500mm
2 Tier
LS-PB-2T-L Tier 1 - 750mm x 280mm
Tier 2 - 750mm x 200mm
Total Depth - 500mm
2 Tier

Proudly Made In New Zealand.

Qty available:-2 SKU:LS-PB-2T-L
Livesound - LSPB - Pedal Board

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