Suits Keyboards Like: Nord Electro 5D, Roland Juno 60, Etc

Livesound Manufactures cases to suit most musical instruments. Designed as a strong durable case for the professional musician.
In our construction methods we utilize the finest materials that offer the best protection, strength and durability.
Keeping freight costs in mind for the traveling musician we've designed these cases using lightweight material without?compromising?strength.

Note:?When ordering, Please specify which Brand and Model Keyboard you have to ensure you get the perfect fit.?
Case Features:
  • Custom made for your Keyboard.
  • Custom fit out for YOUR Instrument.
  • Constructed from 6mm Euro Poplar Ply Laminated with 1mm ABS Sheet.
  • 30mm x 30mm Angle Livesound aluminium edge extrusion and Livesound Lid mating extrusion.?
  • Penn Elcom?Hardware.
  • Continuous piano hinged lid.
  • Lined with 25mm foam to snugly fit keyboard.

Case Options:

?Proudly Made In New Zealand.
Qty available:-1 SKU:KB2
Livesound - KB2 - Medium Keyboard Case

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