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UltraFlite Board Cases

This future-proofed panel is ultra strong, ultra light and 100% recyclable. Created to improve on wood panels in every way and over two years in the making. UltraFlite™ is a technologically advanced composite which uses highly stretched polypropylene fibers sandwiched around a honeycomb core.

Immediately reduce your case weight on average by 30% - 40% and make transporting heavy wood board a thing of the past. UltraFlite™ panels are more than 80% lighter than their plywood equivalent without sacrificing utility or strength – able to be drilled, punched and cut as normal.

- Dramatically reduces flight case weight
- Doesn’t sacrifice strength
- Builds like ply so no new tools
- Lasts much longer so fewer replacements
- 100% recyclable and sustainable
- Resistant to water, weather, chemicals, humidity and fungi
- Compressive strength ca. 0,8 MPa
- Lightweight ca. 1,6kg/m²
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