Light Weight Waterproof Wheeled Hard Case


This wheeled hard case is widely used in big equipment and sensitive instrument transportation.

It's a pioneer design with a light weight yet strong body to provide better protection.It is popular pioneer hard case today!

We can design the inner space according to customer's unique requirement to fit your need perfectly, like customized foam, inner padding, trek-part etc..

★Waterproof, shockproof, and dustproof
★Manual pressure equalization valve-balances interior pressure, keeps water out
★Conditional Lifetime Guarantee
★O-ring seal 
★Open cell core with solid wall design - strong, light weight
★With Wheels
★Stainless steel hardware 

Interior Dimension:

Length 392mm
Width 310mm
Depth 85mm 
Lid Depth 32mm
Base Depth 53mm


Exterior Dimensions:

Length 420mm
Width 370mm 
Height 100mm


Other Specs:

Material TSU-19 Resin
Temperature Range -40°C - 90°C
Waterproof IP67
Wheels No
Warranty Conditional Lifetime Guarantee
Weight 1.95 kg


Qty available:0 SKU:393109B
Tsunami Case - 393109 With Foam

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