Push-Up Drape Case

 Kiwicase Truckpack Puish-up drape case.


Internal Dimensions: External Dimensions:
Width: 2350mm 2395mm
Depth: 550mm 595mm
Height: 300mm 345mm
Height Inc Wheels: N/A 545mm
Case Features:
  • Constructed from 10mm Birch Hexboard.
  • 30mm x 30mm Angle Penn Elcom aluminium edge extrusion and Livesound Lid mating extrusion. 
  • Penn-Elcom Hardware.
  • Full length piano hinged lid with recessed dish stays.
  • Convenient Truckpack length and width.
  • Penn-Elcom 100mm 250kg Castors.
  • 18mm Plywood wheel dollies painted in Duratex paint.
  • Wheel Dishes

Case Options:

Proudly Made In New Zealand.

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Kiwicase - KCTPPDC - Push Up Drape Case

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